Producer & Director

Documentary video and filmmaker Melinda Levin has numerous award-winning productions as producer, director, camera operator, editor and/or producer. She was an Executive Producer on “The Global Rivers Project” which premiered in Beijing, China and is Head Executive Producer of a new film entitled “River Planet”, which includes footage from the Amazon, Danube, Ganges, Los Angeles, Mekong, Mississippi, Rio Grande Rivers.

Another recent documentary, “The Maya Dreams of Chan Kom: Tourism and Change in the Yucatan” was shot on location in Chan Kom, Mexico in a peasant village on the Yucatan Peninsula. She is Past President of the University Film and Video Association, serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Film and Video and is President of the University Film and Video Foundation. Her book, Post: Theory and Technique of Digital, Nonlinear Motion Picture Editing, co-authored with Fred P. Watkins, was published by Allyn and Bacon Press of Boston in 2003.