Producer & Director

Dr. Irene J. Klaver is Director of the Philosophy of Water Project and Associate Professor in Philosophy at the University of North Texas. With an M.A. in Political Theory (Cum Laude) from the University of Amsterdam she was Fulbright scholar in Philosophy (SUNY Stony Brook) and Vera Liszt Fellow at the New School of Social Research in New York City. Her research and teaching focus on social-political and cultural dimensions of water. She has published and lectured widely on the topic, is co-editor of the UNESCO book Water, Cultural Diversity & Global Environmental Change: Emerging Trends, Sustainable Futures (Springer, 2011), and editor of Water and Culture, a volume in The History of Water and Civilization Project UNESCO book series of the International History of Water Association. A firm believer in the importance of visual culture, Klaver has worked on various water documentary films. She was research consultant on “The Global Rivers Project” which premiered in Beijing, China (2008), and “River Planet” (2011). She was co-director/producer with Melinda Levin of the Rio Grande and Mekong sections of the films. Other imaging projects include a photo essay on local water infrastructure with information scientist and filmmaker Brian O’Connor, selected for the Smithsonian Photography Initiative. Klaver is UNESCO Water and Cultural Diversity Advisor and Co-Director of the International Association for Environmental Philosophy.